Them Country Boys are a primarily rock influenced band. However They well known in the Growing Genre called Country- Rap or "Hick Hop". What started off as a musical adventure between two South Carolina native brothers, Brent and Travis Richburg. Soon took off and became career starter that grew into something greater than they had expected. After their Debut EP "Distillery Physics" they took a long, much needed break to rethink how they could offer the same type of music but be unique and different than everyone else. That was when they made the decision that a full band was what they needed to make their shows that much better for their fans.

In 2016 they took a break from playing shows and went in search of some possible band members that shared the same passion for music as they did. After a lot of searching and a lot of interviewing. They had finally constructed the perfect band to play their music. With the additions of Matt Able and Cody Kirton on guitar, Chris Moore on Drums/Vocals and Joel Hilley on the bass. They will be able to rock any show they are booked for. Coming at you with their Rock and Roll roots mixed with their Outlaw attitude, they are ready to take over the industry.